Rugged TROLL 200 Data Logger

Rugged TROLL 200 Data Logger

The Rugged TROLL 200 is designed for long- and short-term groundwater and surface water level monitoring. Available in several pressure ranges up to 250 ft (76 m), this reliable water level logger featuring 3D factory calibration, enhanced reliability and our unique anti-drift system will operate for years maintenance free.

Setup, view and download logs directly from your mobile device using a Wireless TROLL Com (sold separately) and the free VuSitu app for iOS and Android. Connect the Rugged TROLL 200 to VuLink telemetry for remote data access and automatic barometric compensation. Or download data with the Rugged TROLL Docking Station.

Use the Rugged BaroTROLL Data Logger (sold separately) for barometric compensation when needed.

Built to last with titanium construction, the Rugged TROLL 200 is 2.62 cm (1.03 in) in diameter, and comes with 2 MB of memory, with 120,000 data sets and 360,000 data points. Choose the Rugged TROLL 200 Cable length and termination right for your project or use a Cable Suspension Kit to anchor the cable in place.