The Advantages of VRLA AGM UPS Battery
❏ Long design life
❏ Maximum charge efficiency;
❏ High Oxygen recombination efficiency;
❏ Low self-discharge rate;
❏ Wide temperature range
❏ Easy handling and installation

The Features of VRLA AGM UPS Battery
❏ Positive plates: Flat pasted plate with lead-calcium-tin grid alloy;
❏ Negative plates: Flat pasted plate with lead-calcium grid alloy;
❏ Separators: Micro-porous AGM separator;
❏ Container: High-strength ABS
❏ Electrolyte: Absorbed sulfuric acid;
❏ Terminal posts: High-conductivity terminals
❏ Post sealing: Double sealing structure;
❏ Vents: High-efficiency low-pressure venting system.

The Application of VRLA AGM UPS battery
❏ Emergency power
❏ Alarms, Fire & Security Systems
❏ Medical
❏ General Electronics & Control Equipment
❏ Communications Equipment