MultiMET (Meteorology – Sensors)


Category: Meteorology  –  Sensors

  • Compact rugged wind sensor with a maximum measuring range of 60m/s.
  • Analog and digital output for wind speed and wind direction
  • Optional measurements: relative humidity, temperature, pressure, solar radiation
  • Wind gust (SDI12 and Modbus)
  • SDI12/RS422/RS485/Modbus output for all parameters (define at ordering)

The MultiMet is a rugged compact wind sensor that can be supplied in many variants. Simply as wind speed and wind direction only or combined with other measurements in 1 compact housing.
It can be ordered with many variations in outputs: 2 analog outputs (wind speed and wind direction as 4-20mA or 0-1V) and for all parameters (including wind speed and wind direction) the choice of SDI12/ RS485/RS422/Modbus-RTU output.
We supply the MuliMet standard with SDI12 communication (for all parameters including wind speed and wind direction) and 2 analog outputs 0-1V (for wind speed and wind direction). Other settings can be defined when ordering.